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What is the Wicked City Chronicle?

Wicked City Chronicle was born after a chance meeting at Wicked City Brew in Jerome, Arizona, what began as an evening watching the Denver Broncos play some other team on Monday Night Football in 2018. Thirteen-year-resident, Ron Chilston, originally from Wyoming, was enjoying an amber ale when recent Jerome transplant from Cave Creek, Arizona, Ed Wager sat down to enjoy the game. Ron and Ed struck up a conversation about the Broncos, which segued to ideas about publishing and advertising.

What began as a dialogue of mutual interest spawned the print and online version of the Wicked City Chronicle. We intend to add content, events, Jerome history, and yes, advertisers, in an attempt to get this informational publication into the hands of visitors and Jerome residents for FREE! That’s right, a free guide, advertiser based, covering Jerome events, things to do in the area, featured artists, local guest editors, and the like.
One of the underlying goals is to raise awareness about our invaluable Verde River. Toward that end, you will typically see an article or content relating to saving the Verde! Water is our future, plain and simple.

If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact via email: sales@wickedcityjeromeaz.com

If you have story or editorial ideas, or if you are a local Jerome resident and/or artisan, looking to contribute to the publication:

If you have a submission for the website, please send an email to:

Ed Wager

ed wager editor of wicked city chronicle jerome arizona

Editor & Publisher Bio:

After graduating from Saguaro High School, in Scottsdale, AZ back in 1973, Ed spent some time in the Equestrian Program at Scottsdale Community College, before moving to Southern Cal to work for Dell Publishing as a regional salesman. Calling on bookstores was his introduction to the world of publishing .

Returning to Arizona, Ed joined his family in the starting the “Bridle & Bit” equestrian newspaper in 1978. Forty-one years later the B&B is still going strong, still family owned and operated and still serving what is referred to as the “Horse Business” from their ranch in Cave Creek.

Leaving the fledgling B&B in capable hands, Ed enlisted in the US Army, and served as a Combat Engineer in Europe, Korea, and Central America. Six years were spent in the service of the Republic, including a short but entertaining stint with the 1st Cavalry Division’s Horse Platoon. Riding horses in parades and rodeo exhibitions, representing the US Army across the State of Texas.

Ed spent the next thirty some years working in real estate sales and development, residential construction, ranch management and marketing and retaining an active interest in publishing specialty newspapers, all while playing polo and chasing wild cattle with friends, until moving to Yavapai County from the Rio Verde area, which is near the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, in 2015.

You can contact Ed at this email address, or, stop him on the street in Jerome!

Ron Chilston

ron chilston riding the verde canyon railway, photo by carla ginter

Co-Publisher as a Web Guy, Photographer & Social Media:

Ron Chilston has been photographing the world around him since the age of 9. In Wyoming, at the age of 10, he built a darkroom and began processing his own B&W film. Ron moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1985 and began working in the Custom Photo Lab business. During this career he worked with professional photographers, ad agencies, trade show companies, graphic designers and all of the sports teams in the greater Phoenix area, where he found himself viewing hundreds of photographers’ works, resulting in a number of photographic influences.
After 20 years and a changing industry, Ron chose to move to the Verde Valley to be nearer to his parents, ending up in Jerome Arizona in 2005 where he has thrived, not only as a Photographer, but also a musician, (piano), web designer and (recently retired) Jerome Fire Department Assistant Chief and EMT.
Currently, Ron is an employee of YCC as a photographer, videographer and mentor for the Fire Academy. He is a YCC Class of 2013 graduate of Fire Academy and certified as a FFII. He completed his EMT certification & NREMT exam in the fall of 2013.
In his spare time, he and his long-time partner, Carla Ginter enjoy exploring Arizona’s vast and amazing network of dirt roads. Carla typically has her gold panning tray or metal detector with her and is always exploring washes and ravines, having found many interesting items. For the past 10 years, they have lived in an old Bordello in Jerome that was once on Jerome’s Annual Home Tour. Many of his photographs have been shot from the unobstructed view of their 650 square foot covered Deck, known commonly as ‘The Porch’.

You can reach Ron in many ways via the Wicked City Chronicle Facebook page or use this email.