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Gulch Radio KZRJ 100.5 on your FM dial in Jerome Arizona

In any town with a population like Jerome, 454 as of the 2010 census, the population at large is very fortunate if there is a “LOCAL” radio station that serves their needs.  What is amazing in Jerome, is that KZRJ, 100.5 on your FM dial, provides music and programming 24/7 – 365 days a year, with NO ADVERTISING!

Wait, How Do They Do That?

It’s simple . . . start with a passion & desire for real music programming, eat, breathe and live it.  Sounds simple huh?  Well, what if that radio station could no longer broadcast using a tall tower and great location to the Verde Valley?  What is the owner & head DJ of that radio station going to do?  What exactly is involved and how can WE HELP?

richard martin and chaz runyon of gulch radio at the console
Richard Martin & Chaz Runyon

Well, donations are still being sought, the tower has been located to the Gulch, which has resulted in extremely poor reception, even in many spots in Jerome.  A little primer for you folks; AM radio signals “bounce”, hence, Amplitude Modulation.  An FM signal travels in a straight line, modulating its frequency, hence, Frequency Modulation.  What do we know about the terrain on Cleopatra Hill and its relationship to the Gulch?  Well, plenty of hillsides and mountainous terrain work to obstruct the “line of sight signal”.

Ok, enough Science Guy stuff, but the question remains, “How Can WE HELP?”

It takes a village and it takes finances.  If you would like to help Richard Martin and the Gulch Radio Station, please consider making any donation that you are able via PayPal.

Thank You Richard for your decades of devotion and service to this bit of heaven on the hill.

Learn more about Richard & Buddy Chaz Runyon by clicking here!

Listen to Gulch Radio!

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