Jerome Humane Society

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Since its opening in 1992, the Jerome Humane Society has spayed or neutered, & vaccinated thousands of cats and dogs – both owned pets & feral animals.

​To encourage pet owners to sterilize their companion animals, the Society pays half of the spay and neuter fees for Jerome residents. For Jerome feral animals, the Society pays the entire fee for spay/neuter and vaccination.

The Jerome Humane Society is dedicated to helping the domestic & feral animals of the historic mining town of Jerome, Arizona. We offer low-cost spay/neuters & medical care for area strays, and quality veterinary care for pets & companion animals.

​These professional services are also offered for the surrounding communities, including Clarkdale, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, and Sedona.

JHS relies on the many people who have graciously donated their time and money to help us continue to provide professional veterinary and pet services.\

Almost every surgical procedure can be done in our professional facilities.

We can safely treat your pet with vaccinations necessary to stay healthy.

Our main emphasis is to help the town of Jerome with the health and well being of their animals.

Many organizations have donated food and supplements to the shelter so that we may help those less fortunate continue to take care of their pets.

The clinic helps our local citizens understand how to correctly maintain their pets health through diet, exercise and regular visits.