Jerome Map

Thanks to Terry Malloy and the Staff of the Jerome Times, who created the original artwork that is the body of this map, back in 1983.  Terry has given us permission, until he decides not to, allow us to use content from the old editions of the Jerome Times.

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VOL.1 No.5
May 13, 1983

Jerome Times Staff

an old jerome times staff photo

Some of those pictured above in the old Jerome Times Staff Photo are;

Gary Fife, Terry Baker, Jim Youell, Aunt Jim, Donald Joseph, Terry Molloy, Ray Raptapaa,
P.J. McIntire, Esther Burton, Dawn Talbert, Kate Roberge & Mary Frey

July 2019 Edition Map of Jerome

a caricture map of business in jerome arizona
Jerome Map with a tip of the hat to Terry Molloy & Jerome Times Staff of Yesteryear