a photograph of jerry vonic by michael thompson

Jerry Frank Vojnic – 07-30-1933 to 05-15-2019

Who do you remember seeing at Paul & Jerry’s seven days a week? Rain, snow, or shine: my Mom and Dad.

Who let moms and dads in town use the front window for the raffle items?

Who gave out candy at Halloween (whatever a kid would want: pop, candy, gum, chips)?

Who let your kids sit in the bar while waiting for the school bus?

Where did the Christmas parties start?
The same place you all come for birthday parties, baby showers, wakes and weddings. I could go on and on.

My Dad loved the town he was born in and told people about it everywhere we went.

Jerry Frank Vojnic was more or less in the bar business since the age of 3 when his dad bought the first bar across from the art park.

He spent 21 years on the volunteer Fire Department and historical society. This guy kept the lights burning when there were not many people in town.

Now his grand kids live and work in town, the fifth generation in Jerome, You don’t see that everyday.

Jerry Paul Vojnic

Jerry Frank Vojnic
July 30, 1933 – May 15, 2019

Jerry was born to Paul & Mary Vojnic in Jerome, Az.

He was a Jerome person through and through and would tell everyone “my mother was born in Jerome and so was I”. At age 21, Paul made him a partner in his Saloon on Main Street. He worked with Paul there and also worked at the Phoenix Cement Plant. After Paul’s death in 1971, Jerry took over operation of Paul & Jerry’s Saloon full time.

Along with his school classmates, Jerry had many friends that he had made while bartending at his favorite place. He had many funny stories to tell of his experiences there.

Jerry and Ellen were married in 1967 and had a son, Jerry. He also raised two step children, Charrise and Rowland.

Jerry was preceded in death by his parents, Paul & Mary, his two sisters, Rosemary and Mary Lou and three brothers (stillborn).

He is survived by his wife, Ellen, son Jerry Paul, stepson Rowland and stepdaughter, Charrise. Jerry is also survived by grandson, Jerry and granddaughters Jimee and Josie.

a photograph of jerry vonic by michael thompson
Photograph by Michael Thompson
jerry vojnic's automobile
One of Jerry Vojnic's rides