Lauren Crosby Uplifting Artistry in Jerome

Lauren Crosby / Illustrator / Artist / Free Spirit /

Lauren Crosby is a free-spirited artist living & creating, usually, in Jerome Arizona.  The reason we say “usually” is because Lauren travels.  She also works to support her travel and artistic habit while maintaining a number of close relationships with fellow-minded artists & wanderers.

If you happen to be in Jerome and are taking in an awesome band at the World Famous Spirit Room, you may see Lauren, though you may not know it at the time, kicking it up to the jams emanating from the stage.

We are happy and quite pleased, really, that Lauren agreed to provide us with an uplifting drawing each month.  She was our first monthly “Featured Artist”.  With the amount of work this young lady churns out, we believe we will have a lasting relationship.

Support Artists everywhere!  Many of them work at least one job, if not two and rely on sales of their art in order to continue Making Art!

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